Christian Wilson was born on January 30, 1947 in Portland Oregon, USA.

After retiring from the Navy and State of Oregon, Christian moved into the world of entertainment with a small gig in the TV series Grimm.

He is an actor and producer, recently known for Pig (2020), All Together Now (2020), The Dark Divide (2020). and Little Wing

Status:  Active
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 165 lbs
Jacket: 41  Neck: 17  Sleeve:  
Waist: 36  Inseam: 32  Shoe: 10.5 
IMDbProCard Little Wing all Together Now Christmas Freak Shrill S3 Ep3 Pretty Little Liars - The Perfectionist" Season 1 Ep.2 Happenstance The Red Shoes The Red Shoes Documentary Now Background Protester Just Me Steampunk CosPlay CosPlay with Brent Spiner & John de Lancie 2019 Chevrolet Equinox 
Kinetic Blue Metallic available for movie/TV

Available for short notice casting calls 24/7

Covid Status: Fully Vaccinated + Booster

Contact: Click Here

IMDB Page:

Languages: English

Background Acting and Featured Extra
[TBA = Non-discloser until released]
Year Media Title Role Cast

2023 Feature Film TBA Featured Extra
2023 Feature Film Little Wing Pigeon Flier Backround

2021 Short Film TBA Background Protester
2021 Music Video Dragon In My Soul Producer
2021 TV Series Shrill S3 Ep3 Veteran Featured Extra 

2020 Short Film - Music Kisses Producer
2020 Film "Christmas Freak" Background
2020 TV Series "Chad" Teacher/Parent Background +car

2019 Film "All Together Now" - Formally "Sorta Like a Rock Star" Background
2019 Film "Pig" ScoreKeeper Featured Extra
2019 Commercial 2020 Census Photo Shoot
2019 TV Series "Shrill" Ad Exec, Doctor Background 2 Episodes
2019 Film "Happenstance" Background, Stand in
2019 Film "Dark Divide" Background
2019 Film "The Red Shoes"" Art Critic Featured Extra
2019 Film "JAG" Kinematics Background
2019 Pilot "Stumptown" Background +Car

2018 TV Series "Pretty Little Liars - The Perfectionist" Season 1 Ep.2 Funeral Director Featured Extra
2018 Film "Getting by with a Little Help" Background
2018 Film "Tagged" Background
2018 TV Series "Documentary Now" Background 2 Episodes
2018 Pilot "Staties" Background

2017 Short Film "Zombie Day Apocalypse" Fleeing Citizen Featured Extra
2017 Film "Figment: the first imaginary friend exterminator" Background/Executive Director
2017 Film "Nexus" Motion Capture
2017 Film "Closer" Producer

2014 TV Series "Grimm" Season 4 Ep 7 Background
Non-production staff Current Occupation: Retired + background actor
Place of Employment: Web design side business